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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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5.2.3 Provided Reinforcement by x-Location

Provided Reinforcement by x-Location

This window provides a list with reinforcement areas sorted by x-location including notes about design criteria. In case of a recalculation after modifying the reinforcement in windows 3.1 and 3.2, the results will be updated.

Figure 5.18 Window 3.3 Provided Reinforcement by x-Location

The table in the upper part of this window shows the longitudinal and shear reinforcement areas at the individual member locations. The lower part of the window lists all Detailed Results for the table row selected above.

Location x

The provided reinforcement areas are sorted by x-location for each member:

  • Start and end node
  • Division points according to member division, if specified (see RFEM Table 1.16)
  • Member division according to specification for member results (Global Calculation Parameters tab of Calculation Parameters dialog box in RFEM)
  • Extreme values of internal forces

In case of reinforcements by curtailment, two identical x-locations with both reinforcement values appear on the zone limit.

As,-z (top)

This value represents the reinforcement area of the provided top longitudinal reinforcement.

As,+z (bottom)

This value represents the reinforcement area of the provided bottom longitudinal reinforcement.


The provided total longitudinal reinforcement is determined from the values of columns B and C.


This column shows the area of the provided shear reinforcement.


The meaning of the footers is explained in the status bar.

The Detailed Results allow you to check the designs specifically. The design details refer to the x-location selected in the table above. They are updated automatically when clicking into another table row.

The detailed results also provide information about the percentages of reinforcement and the safeties of the selected reinforcement, that is, the ratio of provided to required reinforcement. The safety of the longitudinal reinforcement is designed with an increased moment, taking the global offset into account.

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