RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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5.2.4 Steel Schedule

Steel Schedule

Window 3.4 lists the scheduled rebars by items. The table cannot be edited.

Figure 5.19 Window 3.4 Steel Schedule
Item No.

The rebars are listed by Items that have the same properties (diameter, length, type of anchorage, etc.).

The item numbers are not identical to the numbers of windows 3.1 and 3.2.

Reinforcement Type

This column indicates if the reinforcement is a Longitudinal or a As,Stirrup reinforcement.


Column C informs about the used rebar diameters.


Column D shows the surface type of the reinforcing steel, which can be Ribbed or Plain.

No. of Bars

Here, you can see the number of similar rebars available in each item.


The total length of a representative rebar is shown for each position.

Anchorage Type Start / End

Both columns inform about the types of anchorage at the start and end of the rebars (No anchorage, Straight, Hook, etc.).

Bending Diameter

The bending diameter dbr is indicated for stirrups and hooks.


This column shows the total weight of the contained rebars for each position.


At the end of the steel schedule, the total number of rebars as well as the weight of the total required reinforcing steel is shown. The sums are determined from the values of the items above.