RF-CONCRETE Members Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Members Version 5

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6.3.1 Background Graphic and View Mode

Background Graphic and View Mode

The RFEM work window in the background is useful when you want to find the position of a particular member in the model: The member selected in the results window of RF-CONCRETE Members is indicated by an arrow in the background graphic; the x-location is highlighted in the selection color.

Figure 6.8 Indication of member and current x-location in RFEM model

If the background graphic does not display any RF-CONCRETE Members results, you can use the [Jump to graphic] button to activate view mode: The program hides the module window so that you can set the design case in the RFEM toolbar and activate the results with the button.

The view mode provides all functions of the View menu, for example, zooming, moving, or rotating the model view so that you can adjust the representation accordingly.

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