RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Members – Online Manual Version 5

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6.3.2 RFEM Work Window

RFEM Work Window

You can also check the reinforcements and detailed results graphically on the RFEM model: Click the [Graphics] button to exit the design module. The work window of RFEM will subsequently show all design results such as the internal forces of a load case.

You can set the design cases in the drop-down list of the RFEM menu bar.

Results navigator

The Results navigator is tailored to the designs of the RF-CONCRETE Members add-on module: You can select the design results for the ultimate and the serviceability limit state designs, the fire resistance design, and the nonlinear calculation including all intermediate results.

Figure 6.9 Results navigator and panel for RF-CONCRETE Members

The Results navigator allows you to display several reinforcement types or designs at the same time. This way you can graphically compare the required longitudinal reinforcement with the provided longitudinal reinforcement, for example. The panel is synchronized with the selected types of results.

An example of graphical documentation for shear analysis can be found in the following article: https://www.dlubal.com/en/support-and-learning/support/knowledge-base/000715

This article shows how the curtailment or reinforcement covering lines can be displayed: https://www.dlubal.com/en/support-and-learning/support/knowledge-base/001482

Due to the multiple selection and automatic color assignment, the display options for member results in the Display navigator are without effect.

The Results navigator also allows for graphically evaluating the design details of nonlinear analyses.

Figure 6.10 Graphical output of nonlinear design results

With the Reinforcement - Rendering option in the navigator, it is possible to display the rebars and stirrups in the RFEM work window.

Figure 6.11 3D rendering of reinforcement in RFEM

As is usual in RFEM, you can use the [Print Graphic] button to send the graphics to the printer or transfer them to the printout report (see chapter 7.2).


The panel with the usual control options is also available for the results evaluation. The functions are described in chapter 3.4.6 of the RFEM manual.

Tab Factors

In the second tab of the panel, you can set the Display Factors for the reinforcements, stresses, strains, or load-bearing capacities.

The Filter panel tab allows you to select the results of particular members for display. This function is described in chapter 9.9.3 of the RFEM manual.

Figure 6.12 Display of selected members via Filter tab

The figure above shows the reinforcement of a building's concrete columns. The remaining members are shown in the model but are displayed without reinforcement.

To return to the add-on module, click the [RF-CONCRETE Members] button in the panel.

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Quick Overview of this Section