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RF-CONCRETE Members Version 5

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8.4 Export of Results

The results of RF-CONCRETE Members can also be used in other programs.


To copy cells selected in the results windows to the clipboard, use the key combination [Ctrl]+[C]. To insert them, for example, in a word processing program, press [Ctrl]+[V]. The headers of the table columns are not transferred.

Printout report

The data of RF-CONCRETE Members can be printed into the printout report (see chapter 7.1) where they can be exported by selecting on the menu

File → Export to RTF.

This function is described in chapter 10.1.11 of the RFEM manual.

MS Excel

RF-CONCRETE Members allows for the direct data export to MS Excel or into the CSV format. To open the corresponding dialog box, select on the RF-CONCRETE Members menu

File → Export Tables.

The following export dialog box opens.

Figure 8.7 Export of Tables dialog box

When your selection is complete, click [OK] to start the export.

Excel will be started automatically, meaning you do not need to open the program first.

Figure 8.8 Results in Excel

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