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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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2.3.5 Design of Concrete Compression Strut

Design of Concrete Compression Strut

The concrete compression force in the selected direction of the concrete compression strut is one of the design forces. It is analyzed whether or not the concrete is able to resist the compression force. However, we do not apply the complete concrete compression stress fcd. Instead, the allowable concrete compression stress is reduced to 80%, analogous to the recommendation by Schlaich /Schäfer [2].

With the reduced concrete compression stress fcd,08, the magnitude of the resistant axial force nstrut,d is determined per meter. This is done by multiplying the concrete compression stress with the width of one meter and the wall thickness.

nstrebe,d = fcd,08 · b · d 

This resistant concrete compression force can now be compared to the acting concrete compression force nstrut. The analysis of the concrete compression strut is fulfilled, if

nstrebe,d  nstrebe 

The design of the concrete compression strut is carried out in the same way for all standards available in the program – of course, with the respective valid material properties.

[2] Jörg Schlaich and Kurt Schäfer. Konstruieren im Stahlbetonbau. Betonkalender, 1993.

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