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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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2.4.5 Reinforcement Rules

Reinforcement Rules

For plates, the same reinforcement rules as presented in chapter 2.3.7 apply.

In RF-CONCRETE Surfaces, user-defined specifications can be set in window 1.4 Reinforcement. The following tabs are relevant:

If there are different specifications for the minimum shear reinforcement in the two tabs, the more unfavorable specification is applied.

The user-defined reinforcement specifications can be found in the design details.

Figure 2.47 Minimum reinforcement and maximum reinforcement ratio
Figure 2.48 Reinforcement to be used

The reinforcement to be used is shown for the Bottom surface (+z) and the Top surface (-z) in separate entries. The individual reinforcements in each direction indicate whether the reinforcement to be used is the statically required reinforcement or the minimum longitudinal reinforcement.

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