RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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2.5.3 Determination of Design Membrane Forces

Determination of Design Membrane Forces

We determine the design membrane forces for the abutment of a bridge. For a closer analysis, we select the grid point no. 1 in surface no. 37.

Figure 2.54 Bridge abutment - internal forces in gird point G1

The analyzed surface no. 37 has a thickness of 129 cm.

For the design according to EN 1992-1-1, we select concrete C30/37 and reinforcing steel BSt 500 S (B) in RF-CONCRETE Surfaces.

Further specifications in the 1.4 Reinforcement window are:

Figure 2.55 Window 1.4 Reinforcement, Reinforcement Ratios tab
Figure 2.56 Window 1.4 Reinforcement, Reinforcement Layout tab
Figure 2.57 Window 1.4 Reinforcement, Longitudinal Reinforcement tab
Figure 2.58 Window 1.4 Reinforcement, EN 1992-1-1 tab
Figure 2.59 Window 1.4 Reinforcement, Design Method tab

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