RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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Design membrane forces

The principal membrane forces nsI,+z and nsII,+z are now determined from the membrane forces nsx,+z, nsy,+z, and nxy,+z that replace the moments mx, my, mxy and the axial forces nx, ny, nxy of the linear plate analysis.

Figure 2.69 Design membrane forces

The design membrane forces can be determined from the principal membrane forces according to Equation 2.5 to Equation 2.7. They can be found in the design details.

Figure 2.70 Final design membrane forces

With the final design membrane forces nsend,+z,φ1 and nsend,+z,φ2, the program determines the required reinforcement areas of a two-directional reinforcement mesh for the surface side.

The reinforcement mesh is stiffened by a concrete compression strut. The magnitude of the stiffening strut force nsend,+z,strut is specified under the final design membrane forces. It amounts to −219.846 kN/m.

Analogously, the design membrane forces and stiffening force of the concrete compression strut are determined for the top surface of the plate.