RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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2.5.5 Required Longitudinal Reinforcement

Required Longitudinal Reinforcement

The longitudinal reinforcement to be used at the bottom surface is determined from the design membrane forces. In the design details, the output occurs separately for the two reinforcement directions.

Figure 2.73 Required longitudinal reinforcement

as,dim+z,1 = nsend,+z,ϕ1σs,+z,1 = 158.344465.93 = 3.4 cm2/m 

as,dim+z,2 = nsend,+z,ϕ2σs,+z,2 = 11.116465.93 = 0.24 cm2/m 

The reinforcement for the top surface is determined analogously.

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