RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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3 Input Data

When you start the add-on module, a new window appears. A navigator that manages the available module windows is displayed on the left. The drop-down list above the navigator contains the design cases (see chapter 8.1).

The design-relevant data can be defined in several input windows. When you open RF-CONCRETE Surfaces for the first time, the following parameters are imported automatically:

  • load cases, load combinations, and result combinations
  • materials
  • surfaces
  • internal forces (in background, if calculated)

To open a window, click the corresponding entry in the navigator. Use the buttons shown on the left to set the previous or next window. You can also use the function keys [F2] (forwards) and [F3] (backwards) to go through the windows.

To save the entered data, click [OK]. RF-CONCRETE Surfaces closes and you return to the main program. To exit the add-on module without saving the data, click [Cancel].