RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces Version 5

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5.7 Nonlinear Calculation Total

The upper part of the window presents a summary of the governing serviceability limit state designs . The lower part displays the intermediate results of the current FE node or grid point (that is, the entry selected above) including all design-relevant parameters. You can expand or reduce the chapters by clicking and .

Figure 5.9 Window 3.1 Nonlinear Calculation Total

Figure 5.9 shows the results window of a nonlinear serviceability limit state design. The method of check is defined in the Serviceability tab of the 1.1 General Data window (see Figure 3.8).

The columns are described in chapter 5.4.

The symbols stand for the following types of checks:

Table 5.3 Serviceability limit state designs according to nonlinear method
Symbol Nachweis GZG


Verformung im gerissenen Zustand ( → Kapitel gemäß Vorgaben in Maske 1.3 Flächen


Begrenzung der Rissbreite ( → Kapitel gemäß Vorgabe in Maske 1.3 Flächen (siehe Bild 3.18)


Begrenzung der Betondruckspannung ( → Kapitel gemäß Vorgabe in Maske 1.3 Flächen (siehe Bild 3.19)


Begrenzung der Betonstahlspannung ( → Kapitel gemäß Vorgabe in Maske 1.3 Flächen (siehe Bild 3.18)

The values of the deformations, crack widths, and stresses represent the results in cracked sections (state II).

The crack widths wk in the intermediate results refer to the reinforcement directions. For example, the value for wk,I,-z(oben) represents the crack width for the first direction of reinforcement on the top side of the surface; the crack runs perpendicular to the reinforcement direction 1.