RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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6 Result Evaluation

You can evaluate the design results in different ways. The buttons below the upper table can help you with this.

Figure 6.1 Buttons for result evaluation

The buttons have the following functions:

Table 6.1 Buttons in the result windows
Button Description Function


Opens the Design Details dialog box
chapter 6.1

Sort Results

Sorts the results by maximum ratios (column J) or maximum values (column G)
chapter 6.3


Opens the Filter Points dialog box for selecting FE nodes or grid points according to specific criteria
chapter 6.3

Designable Results

Hides rows with non-designable situations


Only displays rows with a ratio greater than 1 (design not fulfilled)


Opens the Find Point dialog box to search for a specific result row
chapter 6.3

Select Surface

Allows you to graphically select a surface to show its results in the table


Prints the intermediate results of the current FE node or grid point into the printout report

Show Color Bars

Displays or hides the colored relation scales in the result windows

View Mode

Jumps to the RFEM work window to change the view