RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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Design Details

Click the [Info] button, which is available in all results windows, to view the design details of the selected FE node or grid point, i.e. the point whose table row the cursor is placed in.

Figure 6.2 Design Details dialog box for ultimate limit state design

The design details are listed in a tree structure. You can expand the chapters with and close them with . The buttons shown on the left allow you to [Close] and [Open] the sub-chapters in the directory tree.

In the graphic on the right, the location of the point is shown in the model.

The following details are output in the ultimate limit state design (see chapter 2.5):

  • Design Report
  • Internal Forces of Linear Statics
  • Principal Internal Forces
  • Design Internal Forces
  • Concrete Strut
  • Required Longitudinal Reinforcement
  • Shear Design
  • Statically Required Longitudinal Reinforcement
  • Minimum Reinforcement
  • Check Maximum Reinforcement Ratio
  • Reinforcement to be used
  • Analysis Method for Reinforcement Envelope

The design details depend on the selected Type of check. Use the list at the bottom of the dialog box to select the displayed results.

In the serviceability limit state design, numerous intermediate results are shown in the lower part of the windows (see Figure 5.6). Click the button to view a detailed list of the design details available for the current point. This option is only available for results according to the analytical method.

Figure 6.3 Design Details dialog box for serviceability limit state design

All the design details that are relevant for each type of check are displayed in a tree structure. Use the list at the bottom of the dialog box to control the displayed results.

Table 6.1 Type of check for serviceability limit state designs
Method of check Type of check


lim ds
lim sl

→ see Table 5.2

Click to go to the previous FE node or grid point or to set the next point.