RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Surfaces – Online Manual Version 5

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6.2 Results on RFEM Model

You can also evaluate the design results in the RFEM work window.

RFEM background graphic and view mode

The RFEM work window in the background helps in finding the location of an FE node or grid point in the model: An arrow in the background graphic indicates the point selected in the result window of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces; the surface is highlighted in the selection color.

Figure 6.4 Surface and current FE node highlighted in the RFEM model

If you cannot improve the display by moving the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces window, click the [Jump to graphic] button to activate the view mode: The program hides the window so that you can adjust the view in the RFEM work window. The view mode provides the functions of the View menu, such as zooming, moving, or rotating the view. The marking arrow remains visible.

To return to RF-CONCRETE Surfaces, click [Back].

RFEM work window

You can also check the reinforcements and design ratios graphically on the RFEM model: Click the [Graphics] button to exit the design module. The work window of RFEM now displays all design results such as the internal forces of a load case.

Results navigator
Reinforcement direction

The Results navigator is adjusted to the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces module: You can graphically display the results of the longitudinal reinforcements for each reinforcement direction and layer, the shear reinforcement, the design internal forces, or the ratios and detailed results of the serviceability limit state designs.

Figure 6.5 RFEM work window with Results navigator for RF-CONCRETE Surfaces

Analogous to the display of internal forces, the [Show Results] button shows or hides the display of the design results.

Since the RFEM tables serve no function for evaluating the design results, you can hide them.

You can set the design cases in the list of the RFEM menu bar.


The color panel with the usual control options is available for the evaluation. The functions are described in chapter 3.4.6 of the RFEM manual. In the second tab, you can set the Display Factors for the reinforcements, internal forces, or design ratios. The third tab of the panel allows you to display the results of selected surfaces (see chapter 9.9.3 of the RFEM manual).

Values on surfaces

You can use all options provided by RFEM to display the result values of the reinforcements and design ratios on the surfaces. These functions are described in chapter 9.4 of the RFEM manual. The following figure shows the Bottom (+z) Reinforcement group that must be placed in addition to the basic reinforcement. The values are respectively applied in the reinforcement directions 1 and 2.

Figure 6.6 Bottom (+z) Reinforcement group for required additional reinforcement

You can transfer the graphics of the design results into the printout report (see chapter 7.2).

To return to the add-on module, click the [RF-CONCRETE Surfaces] panel button.