RF-MOVE Surfaces Version 5

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RF-MOVE Surfaces Version 5

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1.2 Using the Manual

Topics like installation, graphical user interface, results evaluation, and printout are described in detail in the manual of the main program RFEM. The present manual focuses on typical features of the add-on module RF-MOVE Surfaces.

The descriptions in this manual follow the sequence and structure of the module's input windows. The text of the manual shows the described buttons in square brackets, for example [Library]. At the same time, they are pictured on the left. Expressions appearing in dialog boxes, windows, and menus are set in italics to clarify the explanation.

Im PDF-Handbuch ist wie üblich mit [Strg]+[F] eine Volltextsuche möglich. You can also go to our Knowledge Base or the FAQs available on our website.