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RF-/STEEL EC3 - Online Manual Version 5/8

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2.1.2 Serviceability Limit State

Serviceability Limit State

Figure 2.7 Window 1.1 General Data, tab Serviceability Limit State
Existing Load Cases and Combinations

This column lists all load cases and combinations that have been created in RFEM or RSTAB.

Selected for Design

You can add or remove load cases as well as load and result combinations as described in Chapter 2.1.1 .

It is possible to assign different limit values for deflection to the load cases, load and result combinations. The following design situations can be selected:

  • Characteristic
  • Frequent
  • Quasi-permanent

To change the design situation, use the list which you can access by clicking the  button at the end of the text box (see Figure 2.6).

The limit values of the deformations are defined in the National Annex. They can be adjusted for the design situations in the National Annex Settings dialog box (see Figure 2.10) that you open with the [Nat. Annex] button.

In Window 1.9 Serviceability Data, the reference lengths applying to the deformation analysis are managed (see Chapter 2.9).