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RF-/STEEL EC3 - Online Manual Version 5/8

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2.10 Fire Resistance - Members

This window manages the fire protection parameters for members. It is displayed if corresponding data has been set in the Fire Resistance tab of Window 1.1 (see Chapter 2.1.3).

The fire resistance design performed with RF-/STEEL EC3 is described in the following article of the Knowledge Base on our website: In Chapter 8.2, you can find an example describing the fire protection design of a steel column.

Figure 2.37 Window 1.10 Fire Resistance - Members

In column A, you decide for which members you want to perform a fire resistance design. With the  button you can select the members graphically in the work window of RFEM or RSTAB.

Designs are only possible for members that have been selected for design in the 1.1 General Data window (see Figure 2.2).

The Required time tfi,requ of the fire resistance is set according to the specification in the Details dialog box (see Figure 3.5). If the option Define individually for each member is set there, the fields of column B become accessible for user-defined fire durations.

In column C, you define the number of cross-section sides that are exposed to fire. The Fire Exposure affects the determination of the section factors according to [2] Table 4.2 and Table 4.3.

The following article in the Knowledge Base describes how the shadowing effect can be considered:

If there is an encasement for fire protection, you can select the Protection Type in column E. You can choose between a contour-type coating that follows the geometry of the cross-section (plaster or panel coatings, for example) and a hollow-type board encasement of the cross-section. Then, the parameters must be specified in columns F to I.

The general parameters for the fire resistance design are managed in the Fire Resistance tab of the Details dialog box (see Figure 3.5).

[2] EN 1993-1-2 (2005): Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 1-2: General rules - Structural fire design [Authority: The European Union Per Regulation 305/2011, Directive 98/34/EC, Directive 2004/18/EC]

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