RF-/STEEL EC3 - Online Manual Version 5/8

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RF-/STEEL EC3 - Online Manual Version 5/8

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5.1 Results on RFEM/RSTAB Model

You can evaluate the design results also in the work window of RFEM or RSTAB.

Background graphic and view mode

The RFEM/RSTAB work window in the background is useful when you want to find the position of a particular member in the model: The member selected in the result window of RF-/STEEL EC3 is highlighted in color in the background graphic. Moreover, an arrow indicates the member's x-location selected in the active table row.

Figure 5.2 Indication of member and current Location x in RFEM model

In case you cannot improve the model display by moving the RF-/STEEL EC3 module window, click the [Jump to graphic] button to activate the view mode: The program hides the module window so that you can adjust the view in the RFEM/RSTAB work window. The view mode provides the functions of the View menu, for example, zooming, moving or rotating the model view. The indicating arrow remains visible.

Click [Back] to return to the RF-/STEEL EC3 add-on module.

RFEM/RSTAB work window

You can check the design ratios also graphically in the model: Click the [Graphics] button to exit the design module. In the work window of RFEM or RSTAB, the design ratios are now displayed like the internal forces of a load case.

In the Results navigator, you can select the design ratios separately for the ultimate and the serviceability limit state design as well as the fire protection design. It is also possible to check the classifications of cross-sections.

Figure 5.3 Results navigator for RF-/STEEL EC3

To turn on and off the display of design results, click the [Show Results] button that you know from the display of internal forces in RFEM/RSTAB. Click the [Show Result Values] button to the right to display the result values.

The RFEM/RSTAB tables are not relevant for the evaluation of the design results.

You can set the design cases in the drop-down list of the RFEM/RSTAB menu bar.

To adjust the graphical representation of results, you can use the Results → Members entry in the Display navigator. The display of design ratios is Two-Colored by default.

Figure 5.4 Display navigator: ResultsMembers

If you select a multicolor representation (options With/Without Diagram or Cross-Sections), the color panel becomes available, providing common control functions. The functions are described in Chapter 3.4.6 of the RFEM or RSTAB manual.

Figure 5.5 Design ratios with display option Without Diagram

It is possible to transfer the graphics of design results to the printout report (see Chapter 6.2).

To return to the add-on module, click the [RF-/STEEL EC3] button in the panel.