RF-/STEEL EC3 – Online Manual Version 5/8

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RF-/STEEL EC3 – Online Manual Version 5/8

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5.3 Filter for Results

The arrangement of the RF-/STEEL EC3 result windows already provides a selection by various criteria. In addition, there are filter options for the tables (see Figure 5.1) to limit the numerical output by design ratios. This function is also described in the Knowledge Base on our website.

Furthermore, you can use the filter options described in Chapter 9.9 of the RFEM manual, or Chapter 9.7 of the RSTAB manual, to evaluate the results graphically.

The possibilities offered by the Visibility function (see Chapter 9.9.1 in RFEM manual, or Chapter 9.7.1 in RSTAB manual) are also available for RF-/STEEL EC3 to filter the members for the evaluation.

Filtering designs

The design ratios can easily be used as filter criteria in the work window of RFEM or RSTAB that you can access with the [Graphics] button. To apply this function, the panel must be displayed. If it is not active, select on the RFEM/RSTAB menu View → Control Panel (Color Scale, Factors, Filter) or use the button in the toolbar.

The panel is described in Chapter 3.4.6 of the RFEM or RSTAB manual. The filter settings for the results must be defined in the first panel tab (Color scale). As this tab is not available for the two-colored results display, you have to set the display options With/Without Diagram or Cross-Sections in the Display navigator.

Figure 5.8 Filtering design ratios with adjusted color scale

As shown in Figure 5.8, the panel's scale of values can be set in such a way that only design ratios greater than 0.50 are displayed in a color range between blue and red.

The function Display Hidden Result Diagram in the Display navigator (Results → Members) shows all design ratios which are beyond the value spectrum. Those diagrams are represented by dotted lines.

Filtering members

In the Filter tab of the control panel, you can specify the numbers of particular members to display their results filtered. The function is described in Chapter 9.9.3 of the RFEM manual or in Chapter 9.7.3 of the RSTAB manual.

Figure 5.9 Member filter for design ratios of a hall frame

In contrast to the visibility function, the model will be displayed completely in the graphic. The figure above shows the design ratios of a hall frame. The remaining members are displayed in the model but are shown without design ratios.

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