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RF-/STEEL EC3 - Online Manual Version 5/8

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5.4 Mode Shapes

The mode shapes of the sets of members can be checked graphically in a separate window: Select the relevant set of members in the result window, and then click the [Mode Shapes] button.

Figure 5.9 Mode shape of a set of members

The mode shapes of the sets of members are created automatically when determining the critical factor αcr. If the warping analysis with seven degrees of freedom has been selected (see Chapter 3.1.5), the mode shapes have been considered in the calculation with the rise of the precamber set in Window 1.13 (see Figure 2.51).

The mode shapes are not available in numerical form.

The buttons below the graphic are described in Table 2.4.

Use the Display factor to display the mode shape in an exaggerated graphical representation.

The following article presents an example for the mode shape of a tapered steel frame: