RF-/STEEL EC3 - Online Manual Version 5/8

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RF-/STEEL EC3 - Online Manual Version 5/8

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6.1 Printout Report

A printout report is generated for the data of the RF-/STEEL EC3 add-on module, like in RFEM or RSTAB, to which you can add graphics and descriptions. The selection in the printout report determines which data from the design module will finally be included in the printout.

The printout report is described in the RFEM or RSTAB manual. Chapter Selecting Data of Add-on Modules explains how to prepare input and output data of add-on modules for the printout.

Figure 6.1 Selecting designs and intermediate results in the printout report

Click the [Details] button to specify if the printout also includes intermediate results. They can be defined in a list and documented in a Short (compact representation) or Long form (list representation).

For complex structural systems with many design cases, it is recommended to split data into several reports, thus allowing for a clearly-arranged printout.