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2.2.3 Installation of Updates and Add-On Modules

Installation of Updates and Add-On Modules

The USB drive contains the complete program package including all add-on modules. When you purchase a new add-on module, you will not necessarily receive a new USB stick but always a new authorization file Author.ini. In order to avoid reinstalling the program, you can just update the authorization in the RFEM menu by selecting Help → Authorization → Load Authorization File.

In case of an update within one version series (e.g. 5.02.xxxx), the old program files are removed and replaced by new ones. Of course, your project data is preserved! If you update to the next version series (e.g. 5.03.xxxx), the new version is installed at the same time (see below).

If you use user-defined printout report headers, you should save them before installing the update. The headers are usually stored in the DlubalProtocolConfigNew.cfg file in the general master data folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\General Data. When updating the program, this file is not overwritten. Nevertheless, it may be useful to save a backup file.

We also recommend to save your report templates before you install the update. You can find them in the RfemProtocolConfig.cfg file in the C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RFEM 5.xx\General Data folder.

Projects linked in the Project Manager are available in the ASCII file PRO.DLP, which can usually be found in the folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\Project Manager (see Figure 12.21). If you want to uninstall RFEM before the update installation, you should save this file beforehand as well.

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