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2.2.4 Parallel Installations of RFEM

Parallel Installations of RFEM

It is possible to run RFEM 4 and the individual RFEM 5 versions parallel on one computer, since the program files are in different directories. For a 64-bit operating system, the default folders are:

RFEM 4: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dlubal\RFEM 4
RFEM 5.01: C:\Program Files\Dlubal\RFEM 5.01
RFEM 5.02: C:\Program Files\Dlubal\RFEM 5.02
RFEM 5.03: C:\Program Files\Dlubal\RFEM 5.03, etc.

In RFEM 5, you can open and edit all models created in RFEM 4. The RFEM 4 models are not overwritten when saving them in RFEM 5, as both programs use different file name extensions: RFEM 4 model data is saved in *.rf4 format, RFEM 5 data in *.rf5 format.

Model files of RFEM 5 are downward compatible with certain restrictions. When opening an RFEM 5 model file in a previous program version, for example, a message appears indicating that compatibility problems for members with asymmetrical cross-sections may occur.

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