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3.2 Terminology

Various terms are used for the UI elements. This manual uses common expressions in compliance with the Microsoft Manual of Style. Some of the terms are combined if they do not need to be distinguished for the operation of RFEM.

The following table explains frequently used terms.

Table 3.1 Terms of the graphical user interface
Term Figure Synonym Explanation


Pulldown menu

Commands and functions below the title bar

Shortcut menu

Pop-up menu

Shortcut menu that appears when right-clicking an object
It contains useful commands and functions for the selected object.


Button bar

Collection of buttons below the menu bar

Dialog box

Window opened in the main window for entering data



Large dialog boxes are divided into several tabs.
Click a tab to open the individual "index cards".


Group, frame

Elements in a dialog box that belong together logically

List button of toolbar



Click a button to start an action (e.g. opening a dialog box or changing data).
The toolbar also contains list buttons: Click to open a list with similar functions.
The recently selected button is displayed at the top.

Text box

Input box

Field for entering text or numerical values

Spin box

Spin button

Two tiny buttons next to a text box
Numerical values can be changed gradually.


List box, combo box

Options for text boxes
Sometimes user-defined specifications can be added.

Check box

Control box

Yes/No decision by selecting or clearing the check box

Selection field

Option button

Only one of the options can be selected