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3.4.1 Menu Bar

Menu Bar

The menu bar is below the title bar. All functions of RFEM can be accessed in the menu bar. It is organized into logical blocks.

You can open a menu by clicking it. You can also use the keyboard by holding down the [Alt] key in combination with the underlined letter of the menu title. The menu opens and you can access the menu items. Select the entries per mouse-click or by pressing the underlined letter. You can also select the desired function by using the [↑] and [↓] cursor keys and finally pressing the [↵] key.

When a menu list is opened, you can switch between the menus or subentries by using the [←] and [→] keys.

For some menu items, a key combination is additionally shown: These Hot Keys largely follow the Windows standard. Use them to execute functions directly with keyboard keys (e.g. [Ctrl]+[S] saves the data).

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