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3.4.4 Tables


The tables are at the bottom edge of the RFEM window. To display or hide the tables, click Table → Display on the menu or use the corresponding button.

Figure 3.12 Table on/off button in the Default toolbar

There are four groups of tables. To switch between them, use the first four buttons in the toolbar of the table or Table → Go To in the menu.

Table 3.3 Buttons for control of table groups

Menu Table → Go To → Model Data

Tables for model data

Menu Table → Go To → Load Cases and Combinations

Tables for load cases and combinations

Menu Table → Go To → Loads

Tables for loads

Menu Table → Go To → Results

Tables for results

The tables manage all model and load data numerically. Several powerful functions allow for efficient data input (see Chapter 11.5).

The tables represent the internal data structure of RFEM. By working through the tables successively, RFEM ensures that all data is recorded. Descriptions of input and output in the manual chapters 4, 5, 6, and 8 are also based on the structure of these tables.

The tables are similar to toolbars: You can use the mouse to "grab" tables in their title bar and move them into the workspace. To dock a table, double-click its title bar, or move the table to the window frame or one of the directional buttons shown on the left.

Docked tables can be minimized with the shortcut menu option Auto Hide as soon as you click into the work window (see Figure 3.9). You can also use the pin button on the top right of the table to select the minimize function. The tables open in full size again when you move the pointer over the docked bar.

When selecting a table row by mouse click, related objects are highlighted with colors in the graphic. Conversely, when an object is selected in the work window, the corresponding table row is also displayed and highlighted in a different color. To control the settings for the so-called "synchronization of selection", use the menu item Table → Settings or the table toolbar buttons shown on the left (see Chapter 11.5.4).

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