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3.4.8 Keyboard Functions

Keyboard Functions

In tables and the graphical user interface, frequently required functions can also be accessed via the keyboard.

Table 3.6 Keyboard functions




Next table


Previous table


Plausibility check for current table


Plausibility check for all tables


Selection function in tables


Copies the table cell above, or shows the entire model on screen




Menu Bar


Saves the model under a new name


Menu Bar


Copies a row of the table to the next row


Redo function


Copies to the clipboard


Exports data


Searches within the table


Generates entries in the table


Replaces entries in the table


Inserts a row into the table or imports data


Jumps to a specific row number in the table


Creates a new model


Opens an existing model


Prints the graphic


Deletes rows in the table


Saves data


Clears selection in the table


Inserts from the clipboard


Cuts items in the table


Deletes the content of the current table row


(Undo) function

[+] [-] NumPad


If no dialog box is open, the [Enter] key calls the last used function. Thus, reapplication of data is easier (placing model or load objects once more in the work window, for example).

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