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3.4.10 Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager provides access to all settings available for display properties, fonts, toolbars, print headers, etc. To open the Configuration Manager, select Options → Configuration Manager in the menu or use the toolbar button shown on the left.

Figure 3.22 Configuration Manager dialog box
Available configurations

This dialog section lists all configurations that were user-defined or created during the installation. The setting currently used by the program is shown in bold and indicated as current.

The Standard configuration is preset; it cannot be deleted.

The buttons in this dialog section have the following functions:

Table 3.7 Buttons for Available Configurations
Button Function

Sets the entry selected above as new current configuration

Creates a new configuration from current settings
(→ Figure 3.23)

Renames the selected configuration

Exports the selected configuration into a file

Imports a configuration from a file

Resets the default values

Deletes the selected configuration (not possible for Standard and current)

Use the [New] button to save the current settings as a new configuration. A dialog box opens where you can enter a Description. An optional Comment makes it easier to select among various user-defined configurations later.

Figure 3.23 New Configuration dialog box

The buttons available in the Settings dialog section provide access to different dialog boxes with configuration parameters. They are described in the following table.

Table 3.8 Function of buttons in the Settings dialog section
Button Description Function

Display properties

Opens the Display Properties dialog box
Chapter 11.1.2

Program options

Opens the Program Options multi-tab dialog box
Chapter 7.3.3
Chapter 9.10
Chapter 11.1.1
Chapter 11.1.4

Toolbars and menus

Opens the Customize dialog box
Chapter 3.4.2

Margins and stretch factors

Opens the Display Margins and Stretch Factors dialog box
Chapter 11.3.11

Table colors

Opens the Colors dialog box for the table colors
Chapter 11.5.4

Table fonts

Opens the Font dialog box for the table fonts
Chapter 11.5.4

Header and footer
of printout report

Opens the Printout Report Header dialog box
Chapter 10.1.4