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4.21 Sets of Members

General description
Member list button

Sets of members must be understood as combined members. Use them to treat several members as one member, as this may be preferable for some locations in the structural system (e.g. for lateral-torsional buckling analysis, design of continuous beams, load application).

Figure 4.184 Set of member with trapezoidal load

The figure above shows a trapezoidal load that acts on the complete length of a set of members.

Figure 4.185 New Set of Members dialog box
Figure 4.186 Table 1.21 Sets of Members

You can enter any name for the set of members. You can also use the list to select a name. Manually entered descriptions are saved in the list and immediately available for selection.


There are two different types of member sets: continuous members and groups of members.

A continuous member is created by connected members that do not branch out. It would be possible to draw them with a pencil without having to lift it once.

Figure 4.187 Continuous members

A group of members consists of connected members that may branch out.

Figure 4.188 Group of members

In some add-on modules, you can design sets of members. Usually, the design can only be performed for continuous members because parameters such as buckling lengths must be clearly definable.

Members No.

Enter the numbers of the members that form the set of members into the text box of the dialog box or the column in the table. You can also use to select them graphically in the work window. Use the button to change the order of member numbers and thus the direction of the member set.

The quickest way to define a set of members is as follows: Select the relevant members in the work window by using the pointer to draw a window, or with the multiple selection by holding down the [Ctrl] key. Then, right-click one of the selected members. The shortcut menu of the member opens where you select Member → Create Set of Members or Create Set of Members. The New Set of Members dialog box opens where the numbers of the selected members are preset.


The total length of the set of members is determined from the sum of the individual member lengths.


The mass of the set of members is determined from the sum of the individual member masses.

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section