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4.26 Line Releases

General description

By creating line releases, it is possible to decouple a model at a location or to transfer only certain forces or moments along a line.

For a line release, you have to define a Line release type first (see Chapter 4.25).

Figure 4.205 New Line Release dialog box
Figure 4.206 Table 1.26 Line Releases

You can enter the number of the relevant line manually, select it from the list, or use to select it graphically in the work window.

Line Release Type

In this table column or text box, you have to assign a release type to the line that has been defined in Table 1.25 (see Chapter 4.25). Use the button for the selection. It is also possible to create a New Line Release Type in the list. The dialog box shown in Figure 4.203 appears.

Local Axis System

For the line release, you have to specify which local axis system is used as a reference. You can select different options in the list or in the dialog section. If the axis refers to a surface or a help node, you have to specify the corresponding objects.


It is possible to rotate the line release by an angle β, if required.

Released Objects

The released Members, Surfaces, and Solids can be directly entered or graphically selected in the work window using .

You can find an example of the definition of released objects in the following technical article:

Release Location

RFEM internally generates a copy of the line at the same location that allows the released displacements. You can specify whether the release should be positioned at the Original line or at the Released line. This definition should not affect the results.

Released Line

The number of the line that RFEM generates for the line release is displayed. In Table 1.2 Lines and in the navigator, this generated line is marked by the line type Copy; you cannot edit it.

The line release is shown as a transparent cuboid in the model.

Figure 4.207 Line release in the model