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4.29 Connection of Two Members

General description

If two members with bigger cross-section depths are connected at a node, the eccentricities and, if applicable, the connection stiffnesses affect the determination of the internal forces (at connections in timber construction, for example). You can define the connection as a unit to jointly manage eccentricities and releases of the connection.

This option is primarily important for the import from the RF-JOINTS Timber add-on modules: The connection parameters are available as a result of the geometric conditions; you can export them to RFEM. However, you can also define connections manually.

Figure 4.213 New Connection of Two Members dialog box
Figure 4.214 Table 1.29 Connections of Two Members
Main Member

In accordance with RF-JOINTS Timber, this member has the highest priority: It controls the parameters of the other members and the cutting (e.g. purlin). You can use to select the member graphically in the work window.

Connected Member

The second member is classified as a Connected member. A graphical selection is possible here as well.


You can define the connection eccentricity for the main member as well as for the connected member. Use the or button to open a dialog box where you can define the Offset with reference to the local or global axes.

Figure 4.215 New Connection Eccentricity dialog box
Member Hinge

You can define the degrees of freedom for the main member and the connected member by using hinges that control the transfer of internal forces at the ends of the rigid member. You can select the hinge type from the list or use the or button to open the New Member Hinge dialog box, where you can define it (see Chapter 4.14).


With the default setting Unlock, you can generate a nodal release for the main member (see Chapter 4.24).

Optionally, you can Deactivate the connection without deleting the parameters by selecting the option in the check box.