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5.7 Combination Scheme

Load case constellations can be saved as a Combination Scheme and reused for similar applications. To open the corresponding dialog box, select

    • Tools → Combination Scheme.
Figure 5.47 Combination Scheme dialog box

In the Description dialog section, you can select a combination scheme from the list or use the [New] button to create a new one.

When load cases have already been defined in the model, they are entered in the Load Cases dialog section. Load cases can be added by confirming the last row of the list with the [Enter] or [Tab] key. In the LC Description dialog column, you can select predefined descriptions from a list.

The Load Combinations and Result Combinations dialog sections manage the conditions of superpositioning for load combinations (see Chapter 5.5) and result combinations (see Chapter 5.6).

To save the combination scheme, click the button shown on the left. Click [OK] to create the load cases, load combinations, and result combinations.

Do not forget to enter the loading: The combination scheme only generates a frame of load cases, load combinations, and result combinations!

For models based on the same load scheme, you can generate all load cases, load combinations, and result combinations without entering more data: Open this dialog box, select the scheme from the Description list, and import it by clicking [OK].