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7.1.1 Plausibility Check

Plausibility Check

You can check both model data and load data for their coherency of input. To open the dialog box for the plausibility check, use the menu option

    • Tools → Plausibility Check

or the corresponding toolbar button.

A dialog box opens where you can define the input data that you want to check.

Figure 7.1 Plausibility Check dialog box

In the Type of Check dialog section, you can choose between three options:

  • Normal
  • The standard option checks the completeness of input parameters and the correctness of data records.
  • With warnings
  • Select this option to carry out a detailed check of the input data that also searches for nodes with identical coordinates or releases with unlimited degrees of freedom.
  • When a discrepancy is detected, a message appears with detailed information about the problem. You can interrupt the check in order to correct the mistake.
Figure 7.2 Plausibility check with warnings
  • None, only statistic
  • Only a summary of input data is reported (model dimensions, total weight, number of nodes, lines, supports, surface and member loads, etc.).

If the Generate FE mesh check box is selected, the FE mesh can be generated during the plausibility check. For more detailed information, see Chapter 7.2.

If the plausibility check was successful, the check's result appears, showing you a summary of input data.

Figure 7.3 Result of plausibility check, Model Data tab

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section