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7.2.4 FE Mesh Generation

FE Mesh Generation

To start the FE mesh generation, select the menu item

    • Calculate → Generate FE Mesh.

Moreover, the FE mesh is generated automatically when you start the calculation of a load case. Before the calculation, however, it is strongly recommended to check the generated mesh regarding whether a sufficient, "harmonic" discretization is present or if refinement areas are still needed.

Conversely, areas of minor relevance for the results evaluation can be covered by a more coarse-meshed FE mesh. For example, you can define a surface "mesh refinement" with a mesh size larger than the target length lFE. This makes is possible to accelerate the calculation as well as the evaluation.

When the FE mesh generation has been successful, select

    • Calculate → FE Mesh Statistic

to open a dialog box with information about the generated FE mesh.

Figure 7.16 FE Mesh Statistic dialog box

The statistics show the type and number of the generated finite elements, which is useful for selecting the appropriate equation solving method and to estimate the approximate calculation time (see Chapter 7.3).

The FE mesh is automatically deleted when model data is modified. Additionally, it is possible to specifically delete the mesh by selecting

    • Calculate → Delete FE Mesh.

Please note that all results that may be available are deleted as well.

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