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8.8 Members - Strains

The member strains display local deformations in the form of strains and shears. According to Hooke's law, they result from the stresses in the members.

In Table 4.8, the strains of the members are displayed numerically. To control the graphical display of results, select the Members check box in the Results navigator.

Figure 8.27 Results navigator: Members → Strains
Figure 8.28 Table 4.8 Members - Strains
Node No.

The numbers of the start and end nodes are displayed for each member.

Location x

The table lists the member strains that occur at the start and end nodes, as well as at the division points according to the specified member division (see Chapter 4.16).


The strain tensor for the spatial strain state is described in Chapter 8.35. The matrix is simplified for the one-dimensional member element as follows:


The shears are determined according to the following equations:



Table 8.5 Member strains


Strain in direction of the member axis x




Bending about the local member axis x


Bending about the local member axis y


Bending about the local member axis z

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