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8.11 Sets of Members - Internal Forces

Table 4.11 shows the internal forces sorted by sets of members (see Chapter 4.21).

Image 8.31 Table 4.11 Set of Members - Internal Forces

The table's structure is similar to the one of Table 4.6 Members – Internal Forces, described in Chapter 8.6. Here the results are sorted by continuous members or member groups. The descriptions of member sets remain fixed in the top row of the table so that it is easier to keep track of results data when scrolling.

The table includes the member-by-member results of all members contained in the set of members. The results list of a set of members ends with the color-highlighted table rows: They show the total extremes MAX and MIN of each internal force type in the member set. The extreme values are highlighted in bold text; the values in the remaining table columns of the respective row represent the internal forces related to the extreme value.

The amount of data in the table can be reduced with specific filter functions available in the Table Filter dialog box (see Chapter 11.5.5). To open the dialog box, use the menu option

    • Table → View → Result Filter

or the corresponding button in the table toolbar shown on the left.