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8.20 Surfaces - Other Stresses

To control the graphical display of stress components due to bending moments and membrane forces, select Surfaces → Stresses in the Results navigator (see Figure 8.48). Table 4.20 shows these stresses in numerical form.

Figure 8.51 Table 4.20 Surfaces - Other Stresses

The table shows the other stresses sorted by surfaces. The results are listed in reference to the grid points of each surface.

Grid Point

The numbers of the grid points are listed by surfaces. For more information about grid points, see Chapter 8.13.

Grid Point Coordinates

Table columns B to D show the coordinates of grid points in the global coordinate system XYZ.

Stresses from Moments / Axial Forces

The stresses are related to the directions of the local surface axes. When you analyze curved surfaces, they refer to the axes of the finite elements (see Figure 8.41).

The stresses have the following meanings:

Table 8.13 Other stresses


Stress due to bending moment mx

σx,b=6 mxd2 

where d: thickness of surface


Stress due to bending moment my

σy,b=6 myd2 


Stress due to torsional moment mxy

τxy,b=6 mxyd2 


Membrane stress due to axial force nx



Membrane stress due to axial force ny



Membrane stress due to shear flow nxy