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9.2 Results Selection

You can use the Results navigator to control the display of deformations, internal forces, stresses, strains and/or support reactions, as well as sections and smooth ranges, where applicable.

Figure 9.2 Results navigator

You can also select results by using the Results toolbar.

Figure 9.3 Buttons in the Results toolbar

To switch the display of the results graphic on or off, use the [Results on/off] toolbar button; to display the result values, use the [Show Result Values] button to the right of it.

The navigator provides the additional entry Result Combinations for results of a result combination (RC).

Figure 9.4 Results navigator for a result combination

There are three options to graphically display the results of deformations, internal forces, and support forces of result combinations: Max and Min-values can be displayed separately. To display both envelopes from all extreme values at the same time, select Max and Min-values.