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9.3.1 Member Results

Member Results

The internal forces of members are displayed Two-Colored by default. Positive internal forces are represented by light blue lines, negative internal forces by red lines. Member deformations are shown as single-colored Lines by default.

The graphical result diagram is controlled by the Number of divisions of members for Result diagrams text box in the Global Calculation Parameters dialog tab of the Calculation Parameters dialog box (see Figure 7.25). If a division of 10 is set, RFEM divides the length of the longest member in the system by 10. With this system-related division length, RFEM determines the graphical result distributions on the division points for each member.

If the member internal forces are displayed in colors using the With Diagram/Without Diagram display options, colors for the graphical results are assigned according to the scale shown in the control panel. You can find hints for adjusting the value and color scales in Chapter 3.4.6.

The internal forces can also be displayed as Cross-Sections: A photorealistic display of members appears, showing color-coordinated diagrams of internal forces on the rendered members.

Analogously, you can display the deformation of Cross-Sections (3D rendering of deformation) or Cross-Sections Colored (rendering of deformation with color gradation).

Figure 9.6 Scaled display of member deformations in 3D rendering

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