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9.4.1 Result Values

Result Values

The Values navigator category controls the result values displayed in the work window.

Figure 9.10 Results navigator: Values on Surfaces → Values
Values of results graphic

The first option (m-1 in the figure above) is aligned with the result type that is displayed in the work window. If this selection field is active, RFEM displays the result values of the current deformation graphic, stress graphic, or graphic of internal forces.

Value groups

With the Groups option, it is possible to show two result values for each location for surface results. Four groups are preset. The following figure shows the first group with the principal moments m1 and m2. The arranged grid values are rotated about the angle αb.

Figure 9.11 Principal Moments group in the graphic

It is also possible to create user-defined groups of values: Right-click the Groups navigator item to open the shortcut menu shown on the left. Select New Values Group to open the following dialog box:

Figure 9.12 New Values Group dialog box

First, define the Group Name that later appears as an item in the navigator. In the Values in Group dialog section, you can select the result types from the 1st Value, 2nd Value, and 3rd Value lists. The rotation of the values is specified in the fields below Rotated by α.

Specific result values

You can use the Specific selection field to determine the result values (deformations, internal forces, stresses, strains) you want displayed, irrespective of the result type active in the work window. Thus, you can, for example, simultaneously provide the deformations of a surface graphically and display the values of the principal internal forces m1 and m2 as shown on the left.