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9.4.2 Settings


The display options available under the Settings navigator entry control the design locations of the result values and their representation.

Figure 9.13 Results navigator: Values on Surfaces → Settings
Extreme Values

If the Extreme Values option is selected, only the minimum or maximum result values are displayed, depending on the setting.

Grid points / FE mesh points

In addition, result values can be displayed either On grid and user-defined points or On FE mesh points. Use the latter option with caution, because importing all FE result values takes time for larger models.

Symbols / Numbering / Transparent

The final three check boxes listed under Settings control the type and extent of the labeling:

    • The Symbols of the set result type (u, mx, σz, etc.) are also output.
    • The Numbering of Grid points or FE -Mesh nodes (G1, M1, etc.) are output as well.
    • The values can be displayed with the Transparent option - without frame and background.

To adjust the colors and fonts of the result values, use the menu option

    • Options → Display Properties → Edit.

In the general Display Properties dialog box, specify the settings in the category

    • Results → Result Values → Result Values on Surfaces.
Figure 9.14 Display Properties dialog box: Results → Result Values → Result Values on Surfaces