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9.6.2 Section Through Solid

Section Through Solid

Figure 9.28 New Section dialog box for solid

Similar to a section through surfaces, enter a No. and Section Name if you want to Save the section (see Options dialog section).

When you create a Section ThroughSolid, the solid-specific parameters and the corresponding graphics are displayed in the Section Type and Display Result Diagrams dialog sections.

When the section cuts through a solid, you can generate a section line that runs through the object. Then, as with surfaces, results are displayed in the Result Diagram dialog box (see Figure 9.25). Alternatively, results can be displayed On boundary surfaces of solid, which is intersected by the plane in the work window. The On sectional area of solid in graphics option directly shows the results in the section plane.

As for surfaces, the Edge Points of Section must be manually entered or selected graphically.

Starting from points A and B, two straight lines are "drawn" in the direction of the Vector. If the lines intersect a solid contained in the On solids No. list, results are displayed along the connecting line of both intersection points or as a section plane between the straight lines. If several solids are cut by the projection plane, result diagrams are displayed for each of these solids.

The Vector defines the projection direction of the section. With you can select two points in the work window to define the vector.

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section