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9.9.2 Clipping Plane

Clipping Plane

This feature allows you to define any section plane that cuts through the model. The zone in front of (or behind) the plane is consequently hidden in the display. With this, it is possible, for example, to look at the results in an intersection or in a solid.

RFEM places the clipping plane through the center of the geometric total dimensions. Thus, the plane is related to the model geometry. In the work window, the clipping plane is enclosed by a frame.

It is not possible to save a clipping plane.

To open the corresponding dialog box, use the menu option

    • Insert → Clipping Plane.

The following dialog box appears:

Figure 9.48 Clipping Plane dialog box

You can arrange the Plane to be parallel to one of the planes spanned by the axes of the global coordinate system XYZ. It is possible to place the plane into the current work plane as well. You can also select three points in the work window by clicking the button.

The value entered into the Offset text box results in a parallel displacement of the plane in the direction of the positive or negative axis that is perpendicular to the plane. Both directions are indicated by gray arrows in the work window. The offset can be entered directly or set with the two spin buttons . The Step text box controls the interval of spacings by which the plane is moved every time you click a spin button.

In the Options dialog section, you can change the active side of the clipping plane. Moreover, you can switch the result diagrams on the clipping borders on and off.

You can rotate the clipping plane with a Rotation by the angles α (about the last named axis of the plane) and β (about the first named axis). The graphic is interactive with the input.

When the Clipping Plane dialog box is open, you can use all edit and view functions in the work window, but there is no printout option. You can exit the function with the [Close] button.

The following example shows a clipping plane that runs through a node of a pipe connection.

Figure 9.49 Clipping plane cutting through a pipe connection

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