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9.10 Animation of Deformations

Normally, deformations of objects are displayed in their final state.

However, it is also possible to show the deformation process as an animation. To open the corresponding dialog box, use the menu option

    • Results → Animation

or the corresponding toolbar button. To close the animated view, click the button again. You can also use the [Esc] key.

To define detailed settings for the animation process, use the menu entry

    • Options → Program Options

in the Graphics dialog tab.

Figure 9.52 Program Options dialog box, Graphics tab

The animation of deformations can be saved as a video file. Arrange the animated graphic appropriately on the screen and then use the menu option

    • Tools → Create Video File.

You may see a message about the OpenGL settings before the corresponding dialog box appears where you can define different settings for creating the video file.

Figure 9.53 Create Video File dialog box

Click the [Browse] button to specify the name of the video file in a separate dialog box.

The red [Record] button starts the recording and the blue [Stop] button stops it.