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10.1 Printout Report

Normally, input data and results of RFEM are not sent directly to the printer. Instead, a so-called printout report is generated first to which you can add graphics, explanations, scans, and other elements. In the printout report, you have to define the data that is relevant for the printout.

It is possible to create several printout reports for the model. When your structure is complex, it is recommended to split the data into several small reports instead of creating one large report. For example, you can create a report for the input data, another one for the support forces, and one for the surface results. In this way, you can reduce waiting periods.

It is also possible to create different printout reports in an RFEM model. Depending on the required data, the test engineer and the design engineer may want different printout reports.

A printout report can only be opened if a default printer is installed. The preview in the printout report uses the printer driver.