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10.1.2 Working in the Printout Report

Working in the Printout Report

Figure 10.4 Printout report with shortcut menu

When the printout report is open, the report navigator is displayed on the left and the page view with the preview of the printout on the right.

Symbol and title
Symbol and title

In the navigator, the individual chapters of the report can be arranged in any way by using the drag-and-drop function. The following should be noted: If you move a chapter to a Symbol (the folder on the left in the figure), it is inserted after this chapter. However, if you move the chapter to a Title (Text), it is added as a subchapter.

If you move multiple chapters, we recommend switching off the [Immediate Refresh].

Shortcut menu

The shortcut menu (see Figure 10.4) provides additional options for adjusting the printout report. As is common for Windows applications, a multiple selection is possible by using the [Ctrl] and [⇧] keys.

Remove from Printout Report

The selected chapter is deleted. If you want to reinsert it, use the selection (go to the menu and select Edit → Selection).

Start with New Page

The selected chapter starts on a new page. It is marked by a red pin in the navigator (such as the Results - Summary chapter shown in the figure above).


You have access to the global selection that is described on the following pages. The selected chapter is preset.


Some general properties of the selected chapter can be modified.

Figure 10.5 Properties dialog box

In the dialog box, you can change the Title of the chapter and enter an Additional Explanation, which appears in the left margin of the report. The additional text can be displayed and hidden, like the info pictures of the chapter (e.g. drawings of cross-sections or loading).

Navigation in the printout report

To look at a particular section in the printout report, click the corresponding chapter in the navigator.

The Edit menu provides further navigation functions. You can also use the corresponding buttons in the report toolbar to access these functions.

Table 10.3 Navigation buttons in the toolbar of the printout report

Go to previous page in the page preview

Go to next page

Go to first page in the page preview

Go to last page

Specify the number of a particular page in a dialog box

Zoom in

Zoom out

Zoom list button to adjust display size

Grab mode: Use the mouse for navigation within the report

Select mode: Select and edit chapters per mouse click

Immediate Refresh: Changes in the navigator are displayed in the preview
(see explanation in the Knowledge Base)