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10.1.3 Defining the Content of Printout Reports

Defining the Content of Printout Reports

In the global selection, you can select the chapters that you want displayed in the printout report. To open the corresponding dialog box, use the menu entry

    • Edit → Selection,

the toolbar button shown on the left, or the shortcut menu of the Printout Report.

Figure 10.6 Opening the global selection via the Printout Report shortcut menu

The following dialog box appears.

Figure 10.7 Printout Report Selection dialog box, Global Selection tab

The list in the Program / Modules dialog section contains all add-on modules where input data is available. When a program is selected in the list, you can choose the chapters to be printed in the tabs to the right.

The Global Selection tab manages the main chapters of the report. If you clear a check box, the corresponding detail register disappears.

The three check boxes in the Display dialog section (bottom left) allow you to control if a Cover sheet, a table of Contents, and small Info pictures are displayed in the report margin.

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