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Selecting model data

Figure 10.8 Printout Report Selection dialog box, Model Data tab

The check boxes in the Display column allow you to control, which chapters appear in the printout report.

There are subchapters for some tables. If you click into table field 1.13 Cross-sections, for example, you can open another dialog box with the button. There you can define the sections for which cross-section details are included. To define the type and extent of details, use the button.

Figure 10.9 Printout Report Selection - Cross-Section Details dialog box

The printout report is based on the input tables described in Chapter 4. The check boxes in the third column, All, allow you to control if all rows of the selected table are included in the printout. When a check box is cleared, you can specify the numbers of selected objects (table rows) in the Number Selection column.

It is also recommended to use the button at the end of the text box because it allows you to select nodes, members, sets of members, etc. graphically in the work window. For the remaining objects, a list with table rows appears.