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Selecting data of add-on modules

The printing data of all add-on modules is also managed in the RFEM printout report. You can combine it with the RFEM data into a single report or organize it in separate printout reports. For complex structural systems with a high number of design cases, it is recommended to split data into several printout reports.

Figure 10.16 Printout Report Selection dialog box, Global Selection tab of the RF-CONCRETE Members add-on module

In addition to RFEM, the list in the Program / Modules dialog section contains all add-on modules where entries have been made. When you select a module in the list, you can choose the chapters for printing in the tabs to the right.

The Global Selection dialog tab manages the main chapters of the add-on module data. When you clear a check box, the respective detail tab disappears as well.

The Display all cases option in the Cases to Display dialog section is selected by default. If you only want to include specific design cases in the printout report, clear the check box. Now you can move the cases that you do not need from the Cases to Display list to the Existing cases list.

The selection in the detail tabs of the input and results data is analogous to the selection described in the chapters and